Monday, February 18, 2013

My Sweet Amoo

My sweet uncle passed away today, truly one of the most amazing and kind people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Although he wasn't my my blood uncle, he was my aunt's husband, he was more an uncle to me than my real ones.  He has been in my life consistently and been in my mother's life since she was only 14.  He was a role model for all, a scholar, a scientist, a professor, a doctor, a historian and one of a kind. He leaves behind a legacy that will last forever and his work will be remember.

We always joked that my amoo (uncle in Farsi) lived to work. He was in love with is his job, he admired it and enjoyed it.  Last time I was in Iran, 2 years ago, I went to work with him one day as he owns a museum in Isfahan.  We walked through the museum and I reminisced about the days when my brother and I were kids and spent hours running around finding new rooms with different animals in them. My brother and I loved it there, every time we went, he had new pet or insect he was dissecting.

I remember one summer he had a pet eagle, another time we went and caught snakes with him. He used to stick his hand in a hole and pull out a hand full of snakes!  I was always screaming but loving him and what he did.  We have pictures with alligators and owls...pretty cool when you are 7 years old!

I just never realized until this last time as I was walking through each room, that my uncle's heart and sole are in every part of that museum.  He caught every animal, gutted them, learned about them and preserved them himself.  Then he would display them and write every description next to each display.  You have to see this place to realize how much work he put into it. Every room is packed full and every word is written in his writing.  Pretty amazing for one guy.

And as we walked I asked him which room is his favorite and we went in one of the smaller ones and it was all maps and geography and he told me that this was his favorite.  This was his real passion.  I asked him if he ever thinks about what he will do with the museum when he is gone, does he wish one of his kids could have taken over....I don't remember what he said.

I am so glad I went that day and I had the privilege to walk through his passion and life, just me and him, room by room, looking at everything and listening to him explain it.  What a treat and a memory that I will never forget.

My heart is broken that he is no longer here. I am so sad for my aunt that her sisters are across the world and can't be there for her.  I wish we could all be together.  However, I have peace that he died doing what he loved, he died shortly after giving a lecture and sharing his knowledge.  He died after living 78 wonderful years, after traveling the world, seeing and doing things most dream of, he got to see all his grand kids and he got to see his own kids in their lives healthy and happy.  He died after 53 years of marriage to my aunt.  This is something to be happy about.

I love you amoo and will miss you dearly.

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